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Here’s what some of our Lake Forest, CA customers are saying about us:

I have been coming to Steve since about 1987 or so till I moved to Irvine. Then I bought a 2000 Sienna and had all our repairs done at the dealer. What a mistake! It cost us a fortune!! Steve has always been honest and fair concerning all of our vehicles. They are friendly and he keeps you posted on how your car is coming. His really knows Toyotas that's for sure! I'd highly recommend Lake Forest Auto Repair for all cars, not just Toyotas!

Linda Ortego Lake Forest Auto Repair Customer Review

Finally found an honest auto repair service! These guys are great! Highly recommend them!

Shelley D. Yelp

I have a 2010 Lexus RX350. I had a phone stuck in the center cup holder and so I couldn't open the cup holder lid. It sounds simple but it is much more complicated than that. I took it to Lake Forest Auto Repair and the gentlemen was very professional and kind and polite!!

He could easily say that he needs to take the whole center console off and then charge me for the labor but he didn't. He got it out after 40 mins and didn't charge me a cent. He also clean the interior afterwards.

Very impressed with his integrity and professionalism. Will definitely take my car there from now on. Completely trustworthy and that is the best that you can ask for for a mechanic for your car! Absolutely blown away by then right now.

Stewie L. Yelp

This place is always here for me. The staff is friendly and Francisco always goes the extra mile for me. He also fully explains to me the problem, the solution, and even alternatives. The work is good, fast, and fairly priced. I hate leaving my car somewhere else but I feel comfortable leaving it here. I've recommended this place to friends and recommend it to you.
Este taller Mechanico es muy bueno con buena gente y precios muy bajos. Francisco es una persona muy amable y te explica todo lo que tienes que saber de tu auto.

Claudio B. Yelp

I have been taking my Toyotas to Lake Forest Auto Repair for 30 years now. I have never been disappointed in their service, honesty, prices and reliability. You can trust Steve and Chuck and everyone to provide you with superior expertise and customer service. The quality of service I received in 1983 is the same service and care I get now in 2014. An exceptional business. I am so grateful for them!!

Jackie G. Yelp

Finally found an honest reliable place to have our cars serviced! Steve and his crew are friendly and honest!!

Mary H. Yelp

I took my car for 10 years to Goodyear and finally realized I was paying an average of $200 every time I got my oil changed (on each car) because they always proposed aggressive, preventive maintenance. My wife guilted me into finding another solution for car maintenance.

Steve, the owner, is a former neighbor so I decided to try Lake Forest Auto Repair even though he wasn't within walking distance of my house (like Goodyear). That has been 18 months and I have saved at least $100/month because Steve takes care of what needs servicing, not what 'might' need it.

His work is good and his prices fair. You have to call to make an appointment for an oil change and they are closed on weekends. That is not a hardship in light of saving at least $1000/year.

Clyde T. Yelp

Not surprised to see so many 5 stars. Steve and his team are excellent!! Steve runs an honest business. I will be passing out his business cards to all my friends and I am a customer for life.

Carolyn L. Yelp

Steve and his crew are great! Fair, quick, and reliable. Keeps my cars running perfect!

Rick H. Yelp

Honest, capable, skilled and efficient. We are big fans at my house!

Karen J. Yelp

Fair and honest, what else can you ask for? Steve, Lon, and Chuck are the repairmen and always give you a fair deal. I deal w/ Lon and he gives you a breakdown for every repair. Gotta fix this, that can wait, and ahh, don't worry about it you'll only be waiting your money. I trust these guys!

S. B. Yelp

Honest, highly trained, will not suggest work that doesn;t need to be done just to pad the bill.

Linda W. Yelp

The Owner Steve has been repairing and servicing all makes, years and model vehicles for over 30 years in South County OC, and at the Same location for about 25 years. Which means he's going to be there next time...'HE', Steve, is going to there next time. Steve, the Owner actually does the work on the vehicles that come into the shop. This is auto repair and maintenance business, not a minute lube location, you'll need an appointment here. You can get anything done from a LOF to a complete engine or transmission replacement or over hall. Steve will take care of ALL your needs. Steve and the gentlemen that work for him do it professionally, follow the all manufacturers specifications, (protecting your warrenty), and complete it competently the first time. You are not 'sold up', you are not told that you need things done to your vehicle that you don't and Steve does the work for a very fair price. This is not Pep Boys or Walmart Auto, this is not a Jiffy Lube or a Discount Tire and Brake type of establishment. If you want your vehicle(s), cared for and repaired properly and competently by actual trained professional Auto Mechanics, (not your neighbors' kid that failed the auto tech class at OCC and is trying to pass his GED for fifth consecutive time or his parents will kick him out of their house, but working at Pepe's Auto in Santa Ana), well Steve and his Auto Techs and Mechanics will do it for you, you have found home. NO it's not cheap, it's a fair price for services and work rendered. They do the work you requested or what is actually needed and approved for, by you, FIRST. You will not show up to pick up your vehicle and be told, by the afternoon guy, 'Oh!, the guy you spoke to leaves at noon'...and 'Oh by the way we found X & X & X and we HAD to fix it because it's 'illegal' if we don't.,sorry, so the new cost is now...' This does not and will not happen here. These guys are HONEST and stand behind their work. Steve would prefer to charge a fair price for good service completed by TRAINED Auto Mechanics over the period you own your vehicle(s), than screw you one time and you never return... oh and tell everyone what horrible service you had and how you got screwed. You'll need an appointment here, this is not a drop in, drop off, done in 10 minutes kind of place. You'll drop off your vehicle, get a written estimate that you agree to and sign for, your vehicle will be correctly repaired, the first time, and you will pay a fair price for it, (which you knew up front, prior to work commencing), and than you'll become a loyal customer like me. The DEAL here is excellent honest service at a fair price and workmanship that is backed by years of experienced auto mechanics at the same location, under the same ownership that has been there for decades!

No B. Yelp

Great Work

Bill Millard Google Review

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